United Methodist Church

What is the United Methodist Church?

“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” –Mark 16:15 

Yorkville UMC is a part of the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church. For more information on what that means, read on:

Our Social Creed
Above all, we are part of Christ’s people in the world. We are here to serve God who is known in Jesus Christ. Our complete statement of Social Principles can be found here.

Our Mission in the World 
The United Methodist Church believes in a connected body of churches with a common commitment to bring Christ to the world through creative worship, meaningful service to those in need, and Christian activism to address evils in our world. The church is often reflective of the American culture as it is among the most inclusive and diverse denominations in the country.

Our Roots
With over 8 million members, the United Methodist Church is one of the larger denominations in the United States. We also have large and growing churches in Africa and Asia. We are people born out of the Wesleyan movement in 18th century England which sought to revitalize the Church of England. The Revolutionary War in America spurred the creation of the new denomination when the Church of England (now Episcopalian) was impaired by it’s loyalty to the king of England. Bringing the word of Christ to people everywhere needed to go on. Due to the efforts of early pioneers such as Francis Asbury who rode horseback over 250,000 miles to bring Christ to the people, the denomination grew rapidly.

Organization and Structure
We have bishops who oversee the administrative needs of a conference (a larger area of 100,000-250,000 believers). Bishops appoint pastors and guide missional goals and budgets within their area.

We are a church that conferences at a variety of levels. A conference is a meeting with both spiritual and business agendas. We hold conferences at the levels of local church, district, annual conference, and General Church (worldwide gathering).